Our Story

Motivational Apparel is a company based out of University Park, PA. Owned and Operated by Abu Fofanah. 


Inspire.encourage. empower

Our Goal:

First to provide a youth-oriented culture and lifestyle through MoAp by designs of empowering. Second, we look to combine fashion, culture and philanthropy. For every shirt purchased, MoAp will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Special Olympics. MoAp allows you to support an organization that matters to you. We believe the challenges we face can determine who we become for the rest of our lives. When you buy a MoAp product your are accepting the challenge to overcome the obstacles in your path and light the fire within.

Company Description:

Inspired by Athletes of the Special Olympics, MoAp believes everyone has untapped potential. We realized that individuals often limit their success in life when they do not know the degree of their full potential. The athletes taught Abu that you truly are your only limit. MoAp was formed from the events reoccurring theme of overcoming challenges. He used that concept and applied it to his current personal situation at that time where he was being challenged. "I believe we all have challenges. It's better if we address it sooner than later".

We are on a mission through apparel to establish a retail-clothing brand that aims to empower individuals through a youth-oriented culture and lifestyle. "Every now and then I want to give up, or don't think I can do something and then I think about the spirit of the athletes," Fofanah said. "I want people to wear MoAp because they realize that life has no limitations except the one you make."